What Photographers Are Saying About Our New Ultra Twin Pack!

When times change, smart people and businesses change with it. These days we're all living in a "new normal" and therefore spending more time than ever online. For those of you who are educators conducting online presentations, our new Commercial Platypod Ultra Twin Pack gives you the tools you need to secure, stabilize and easily set-up multiple cameras, lights and accessories to offer engaging views for your students!

In the video below, Larry Becker demonstrates what's in the Twin Pack, along with great ideas on how to get the very most out of it:

We love the response our Twin Pack is getting and wanted to feature some of the latest buzz online so you can check out the reactions from your fellow photographers. Check them out below!


In this personal review, photographer Levi Sim describes how teachers and presenters in the educational setting can put their Ultra Twin Pack to good use, especially during the pandemic. Click on the screenshot below to read his full review!

Imaging Insider

Imaging Insider also featured a descriptive write-up of the Ultra Twin Pack and how it can benefit photographers who are adjusting to our current new normal. Click on the screenshot below to read their article.

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