Up Close and Personal Portraiture with Lenworth Johnson

Words by Lenworth Johnson - A Platypod Pro
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

"When the concept was presented to me for this shoot, I knew exactly how I wanted to photograph the model, Alexandria. I knew I wanted to creatively light and detail her beautifully delicate features. My primary focus was to achieve close up captures of her face, eyes, lips, and hands. As I enjoy doing with all of my shoots, I wanted to tell her story through the images that I captured." 

"For the lighting, I used a large soft box on camera right, with a V-Flat on the left to fill in any shadows. Additionally, I decided to incorporate a LumeCube (set to purple on camera left) as an accent. This was a strategic and deliberate decision, I wanted to add color not only to add touches of intrigue but, also to visually represent royalty and power. This blended perfectly with the makeup which ended up enhancing the overall visual appeal of my final images. As creatives, you know the importance of simplifying your process so that you can focus on what really matters - making captivating images. Thanks to the game-changing Platyball, I'm able to do my set up and not worry about the gear but focus on making those images."


To view more of Lenworth's incredible portfolio of work, visit his website here.


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