Upon the break of dawn, the battlefield awakens with Jesse Feyereisen

Words by Jesse Feyereisen - A Platypod Pro
Edited by Eryka Bagwell
Today we're featuring the hyper-realistic images captured by Platypod Pro, Jesse Feyereisen. Jesse is no stranger to our blog, in fact we love featuring his work to help inspire other aspiring toy photographers. He shows us how to combine the atmosphere, gear, technology and software to elevate his final captures to a nearly realistic photo. Read more about his setup below. 
"No real holiday theme for this week. Just a cool, 6” scale, Mythic Legions, Xylernian Guard ready for battle!"
"I set up this guy on a stand on my tabletop and surrounded him with a few 3D printed tree trunks (which I printed and painted). After creating those trunks, I decided that adding a few additional snow covered pines (which I found at the store) would add more depth to my final shot. Big ‘ol rock for my foreground and a few bounce cards to soften and bounce the light. Speaking of light, I used a Godox AD200 strobe in a relatively large 32” softbox (gelled orange) in the background to create my sunrise and a second AD200 in a 10x24 strip box for a little fill light on right side of the character. Lastly, I sprayed some Atmosphere Aerosol and began to snap some photos."
"In post, I used Photoshop to clean up the figure and illuminate his eyes. Next, I used Boris FX Optics to add some additional lens flare and finished it all off with a little more touchup and color grade in Lightroom."
See this shot and more: https://www.jessefphotography.com/
Canon EOS-R + RF 100mm
1/200 sec, f/8, ISO 100


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