Using Platypod eXtreme for toy photography featuring Jesse Feyereisen

Words by Jesse Feyereisen
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

"Here we go, the first photo of the new year! I don't always just use my trusty Platypod eXtreme for toy photography. Every once in a while, I still need to break out a tripod. Platyball to the rescue! For this setup I also had to use a couple Platypod Ultras, Goosenecks and a few Mini Super Clamps. Really happy how it all turned out!

My indoor, tabletop setup, featuring a sixth scale Darth Vader figure (12” tall). Now that I have some space to work in, I really enjoy shooting with off camera flash as opposed to constant LED lights. They both have their pros and cons of course, but right now, I guess you could say I’m in a flash phase. I used a single Godox AD200 in a 34” round softbox as an overhead light. That light would shoot through a piece of plexiglass that I had previously spray painted black lines on, to create the sci-fi “ceiling lights”. The plexiglass sheet was held up my four Platypod Ultras, with attached goosenecks and clamps.  After a few test shots, I added a few bounce cards to help fill in some of the shadow areas.

In Photoshop I did a good amount of dust cleanup (always a must on Vaders glossy black parts) and added a few lights on his chest plate box. Then using Boris FX Optics, I added a subtle bit of additional lighting, including a very subtle lens flare and some light bloom.

I finished off this shot in Lightroom with a color grade and final crop. I'm really happy with how this one turned out!

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