Using the Platyball Ergo for a Quick Capture with John Little

Words by John Little
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

I was headed out of the park to go home and have some lunch when this beautiful red-tail hawk landed on the tree next to the road right in front of me. I got out of the car, told the red-tail "We had to stop meeting like this, other photographers may become suspicious" and the red-tail gave me such a great pose (against the dark clouds) and I couldn't resist snapping this shot!

My ISO was up, my f-stop was way down to 5.0, and my shutter speed was at near nothing, and the photo turned out nicely accentuated with the right light and colors. The Platyball Ergo was truly instrumental in getting the photograph of the Hawk because I had to go down to 1/2 sec. on my shutter speed because of the surrounding conditions.

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