We Reinvented The Ball Head; Meet The Platyball

Words by Scott Bourne - Platypod Pro - See My Work At ToyPhotographs.com
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

Learn about the Platyball, a new type of ball head that is unlike any other on the market. It offers a tripod grip and a ball head camera for more versatile shooting.

First let's discuss why you need a ball head.

  1. A photo ball head is a must-have for anyone who wants to take great photos
  2. It allows you to adjust the camera position quickly and easily
  3. It allows you to take sharper photos and avoid camera shake
  4. It's also great for taking panoramic shots and videos
  5. If you're not using a photo ball head, you're missing out!

Using a photo ball head is an incredibly useful camera accessory when trying to get the perfect shot. A photo ball head is a type of tripod head designed to hold your camera securely in place and give you smoother movements so you can adjust it for better composition and positioning. To use one, attach the photo ball head to your tripod or stand, place your camera on top of the photo ball head.

Traditional ball heads force you to adjust several knobs. Depending on the head, you may need to adjust the tension knob and the knobs that allow for vertical and horizontal movement.

The Platyball replaces all the knobs with two simple triggers. Press the lower trigger to loosen the ball head. Now you can position your camera any way you'd like. Once you've found the perfect angle, simply press the top trigger. This will lock the ball head into position.

It couldn't be easier.

So checkout our Platyball.

We have a great warranty to protect your purchase. For any defect in workmanship we will fully replace your Platypod Max or Ultra within 5-years of purchase. Platypod eXtreme is warrantied for 3 years. Platyball limited warranty is 3 years for mechanicals and 1 year for electronics repairs or replacement. Just shoot us an email, describe the defect and include some images.

Don't like the Platyball? Although it breaks our heart, we do accept returns if you send your Platyball back within 14 days of receipt. Please contact us at service@platypod.com for return authorization. If the Platyball is defective, the return is free. If not, some goods are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

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