Welcome to the Katty Shack featuring the Platypod Ultra, Disc and Platyball Elite

Words by Eryka Bagwell


We're taking a virtual field trip today to the Katty Shack in Jacksonville Florida with Johnny Pascucci. This zoo is a very small and is a 'Non-Breeding' zoo. All together, the zoo covers approximately one mile (give or take).

"The workers and volunteers at this location are extremely passionate about their work and always greeted me with a smile; they were very helpful and friendly."

Johnny knew this would be the perfect opportunity to bring his Platypod gear to capture the perfect shot through the protective fencing (which as you can see in his BTS shot) was about 6" wide by 8" tall. Just enough to get his lens through and stabilized with his Playpod Ultra, Platypod Disc and Playball Elite. The final images really showcase the versatility of the Platypod products he selected. His results really capture the natural beauty of the Tiger swimming in his pool. 

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