West Maidens Lighthouse 1829, Ireland with Nathan Rea

Words by Nathan Rea
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

The majestic West Maidens Lighthouse first began its operations in 1829 and still stands on top of the Hulin rocks where two inlets off of the northern channel merge to form one mass of water. The lighthouse is a short 13 mile journey by car from Larne and while its operations were closed in 1903 this beautiful piece of history which still remains intact. The West tower is visible from an incredible 13 miles away and was our focal point of this capture.

"I was planning a trip over to the coast of Portmuck facing the open water, lighthouse and Scotland in the distance. I knew I'd use my Sigma 150-600mm lens, along with my trusty Platypod gear, the eXtreme and Platyball Ergo. I then snapped several images and in post stacked about 50 of those photos together and cropped in to create this beautiful long exposure."


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