When Creative Ideas STRIKE with Jeffrey McPheeters

Words by Jeffrey McPheeters
Edited by Eryka Bagwell

"This was on the E-M1 body, which had the Live Composite mode added via firmware update shortly after the debut of the E-M1 Mark II which had the feature at the outset. This was after sunset, so the ambient light made the scene very dark and only the lightning strikes added illumination, sort of like a strobe. If ambient light is too strong, the clouds will sometimes blur too much in Live Composite if the shutter is open too long. In that case, I've use ProCapture to get lighting strikes. These Live Composites were running for 30-60 seconds, as the electrical discharges were frequent and close together."

To view more of Jeffery's work you can visit his Instagram page by clicking here or his Facebook page (which goes by the same username). His website also offers a few articles and a portfolio with some of his favorite works, you can view those by clicking here. Last (but not least) he has an account with SmugMug and you can view his page by clicking here.

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