Bird Photography with Brent Skeen and His Platypod!

Today we bring you the work of photographer Brent Skeen as he utilizes his own backyard to capture these amazing portraits of blue jays! By using his Platypod Ultra to shoot from a low angle, he was able to spice up his final results while getting clear, crisp captures. Even with the current pandemic, there is still inspiration to be found in your very own backyard!


Here’s the backstory from Brent:

It's an amazing and fantastic device. It may be hard to tell in this BTS photo, but my yard is on a hill. A Phillips head screwdriver works as the perfect anchor for the Platypod Ultra to stabilize my shots. I even use it with my heavy Sony 100-400mm lens with no issues whatsoever.


Check out the behind-the-scenes shots below, as well as the final captures. You can find more of Brent’s work on Instagram. Also, check out the Platypod collection here if you don’t already have one!