About Platypod

Platypod Pro LLC is a small and family owned business committed to making excellent quality products for professional photographers at affordable prices. We believe our unique and simple design makes the Platypod an extremely versatile piece of equipment, that’s usefulness is as vast as the user’s creativity.

The Platypod Story

The inspiration behind the original Platypod Pro happened when Larry, the CEO and Inventor, had to make a choice between packing a lens or tripod on a hike through Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah. The need for a steady shot forced his hand and he begrudgingly chose the tripod. By the end of the hike the extra weight made him feel like he needed both a chiropractor and a cardiologist. He searched for a light, small and practical mini tripod for shooting in the field but couldn’t find anything able to support a DSLR camera with a heavy lens.


After several jury-rigging attempts at attaching a tripod head to a metal plate with stud adapters, the solution hit him and he began manufacturing a simple, sturdy and flat plate that could support even the heaviest of photo equipment. Thus, at 4 mm thick the world’s most compact mini tripod, was born.

Inspired by the duck-billed platypus, an animal with flat and broad feet, Platypods are designed with an unusual but highly ergonomic and elegant shape, perfectly balanced for DSLRs and lenses.