On The Horizon

01 | The President's Hall of Fame with Platypod Max and Gilmar Smith

“One of Central Florida's hidden gems is the President's Hall of fame, located in Clermont, Florida. The President's Hall of Fame welcomes you with a replica of the Lincoln Memorial Statue, the Statue of Liberty, and even Mount Rushmore!

The main attraction is a 60 foot long, 20-foot wide exact replica of the White House built by John Zweifel, his wife Jan Zweifel, and their kids.

I was invited to photograph this fantastic piece of art by John Zweifel's sons, Randy and Jack Zweifel. I could stare at every little detail in every room for hours.”

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02 | Macro Beauty Shots with Rhonda Coe

Today we're featuring macro shots from the very talented Rhonda Coe. They are as beautiful as they are breathtaking! Who would have thought such magic could be made with a copper wire, water droplets, and a sunflower? As long as your imagination knows no bounds, the Platypod will help you achieve your creative goals.

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03 | Infrared Cactus in the Desert with Bob Coates and His Platypod Max

“The desert is a harsh mistress. Everything is sharp, even the plants. I wanted to show how desolate, but also how beautiful the cactus and volcanic mountains could be. This called for infrared. A GH4 converted to infrared by LifePixel was the tool of choice.

Mounted on the Platypod Max, I was able to comfortably get a very low angle with a long lens to compress the scene.”

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