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Platypod Grip

Introducing Platypod’s first smartphone dedicated product, the Platypod Grip. It's time that you Get a GRIP on all of your smartphone captures!

  • Designed for serious smartphone cinematographers and photographers.
  • Heavy duty steel and aluminum construction. Holds over 5 pounds at the ball joint.
  • Spring loaded jaws for swift and sturdy phone mount and dismount. Expands to over 105mm to accommodate all common regular and max size smartphones with cases. The Jaw section is removable to reveal 1/4” stud on the ball joint. So sturdy that you could even mount a 5 pound camera or any other device with a tripod 1/4” socket directly so it serves as a lightweight ballhead!
  • Two cold shoe mounts to accommodate microphones, lights, etc.
  • Two extra threaded 1/4” sockets behind the jaws to attach elbows and goosenecks or to change position of the ball joint connection.
  • 90° ball joint and 360° swivel collar for maximum portrait and landscape positioning, all with a tiny twist of our ergonomic metal tension knob. Glove operable.
  • Universal base allows attachment to 3/8” and 1/4” tripod bolts as well as all Arca compatible quick release clamps. Works with all Platypod equipment as well.
  • Sleek and elegant design, built to last.
  • Weighs less than 6 ounces. Reconfigures for compact travel.
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Grip Reviews

I've tried numerous phone grips, I've never been fully satisfied. But then, I've FINALLY found what I was looking for in thePlatypodGrip. A beautiful, elegant, easy to use, and lightweight design. I feel confident that my phone is securely mounted, and I can use any tripod to attach thePlatypodGrip. ThePlatypodGrip can hold up to 5 pounds! It has a very solid design and can accommodate large plus size phones even with thick cases. So, if you’re searching for a professional grip to secure your smartphone or know someone passionate about mobile photography, thePlatypodGrip is the ideal choice. It provides the freedom to unleash your creativity.


PlatypodGrip is here, the phone clamp is fantastic. Not too stiff, but firm enough to hold. It extends from both ends, it's easier to insert/remove your phone. The base not only has two 1/4"-20 mounting points, it also has a 3/8-16 AND it's arca compatible. The clamp section ALSO has two 1/4"-20 mounting points on it making for a great place to attach accessories. This is in addition to the 1/4"-20 that allows it to attach to the arm itself. That's right folks, the clamp is removable from the arm! What I love about those 1/4"-20 points being on the clamp itself, if you plan to re-position the clamp, the points move with it so your goosenecks or whatever you have connected is the same relative to your phone. I collect a LOT of phone mounts, this might just be the most versatile yet. Do I have others that combine all of these things so well together? No. This is why we buyPlatypod, the products are made by people who USE such products. They know what types of things we as people will actually make use of. That's exactly what I've been needing!


Mine arrived. Thing’s solid as a rock.


Who is the Grip For?

If you own a Smartphone or you're a Smartphone Photographer, the Grip is right for you.