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What do the pros say about Ultra?

Platypods are simply elegant, important tools in our camera kit! We depend on them for our still and video work.
— Moose Peterson

Customer Reviews

As soon as it arrived I put the Platypod Max on my kitchen table and mounted a tripod head on it. Then my Pentax 150-450 zoom and K-1 Mark II. It was rock solid stable. Impressed! I would never put my camera in harms way without a strap connecting me to it - either on the Platypod or normal tripod. But it was stable - more so than a typical tripod. I doubt I will be carry around my normal tripod anymore - the Platypod easily fits in my a bag and weights not much at all....

Of course, to have the camera at eye level the Platypod needs to rest on something, or the photographer needs to lie on the ground. I don’t think this outweighs the small-size advantage. It is like a camera - the best one in the world is the one you have on hand when it is time to take the photo.... This “tripod” will be with me in my bag all the time... so it will be the best “tripod” when I need it.

As a Commercial Photographer, I had to shoot a -30º warehouse freezer. With a ball head attached to the Platypod, I was able to make a tripod out of my 10’ A-frame ladder. I used zip-ties to secure it to the top of the ladder and it worked flawlessly. I consider the Platypod a MUST HAVE for my photography business!