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01 | Palisades Nosedive with Larry Tiefenbrunn

“We got off early from work a few weeks ago one day, so Mina and I decided to drive up about an hour away to the Palisades in Northern New Jersey. It was windy, cold and threatening thunderstorms so I didn’t know what to expect photographically.

Along the Palisades highway there are several look out points north of the George Washington Bridge. This particular scene caught my eye because of the plunging lines in the rock and in the trees and they go up in the textured water. My Platypod Max, mounted on the rock fence at the lookout gave me excellent stability even in the Highwinds so that I could get a tack sharp image.”

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02 | Art Still Life with Bob Coates

“Recently, I was working on testing a background stand for a review and grabbed a small vase and some flowers from a miniature rose bush outside my door to see what I could do. I used a couple of Platypods to both support the camera and hold the light. It's clean, simple and low trouble to put together!”

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03 | Dinner Time with a Hungry Brown Thrasher and Deborah Sandidge

In today's post we're proud to feature the work of photographer Deborah Sandidge. Deborah is a passionate professional photographer and Nikon Ambassador, specializing in world travel and artistic imagery. She recently integrated her Platypod while capturing some stunning images of a hungry thrasher while in the process of feeding on some mealworms. The best part is that it was from her very own office window! It's a prime example that creativity is everywhere as long as you look for it, whether you're traveling across the globe or hunkered down at home. Check out her setup!

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June 1 Price Changes

Since starting the company, we, at Platypod, have done our very best not to increase prices. In fact, we have never raised the pricing on our main products, Max or Ultra. Instead, we absorbed several increases in the cost of materials, import duties, currency exchange values, etc.
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