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"This spot on Oak Creek is about 15 minutes from my house to the parking lot. Add in the hike from the parking lot down to the creek, and it makes it a half-hour trip. It's worth all the time I spend there! I enjoy all the different looks that appear in nature. The creek flow increases and decreases, the trees get washed away and grow back, and of course there is the changing of the seasons.

I was heading down to see if I could get some late fall color. Initially, I was a little disappointed it was quite a bit past prime, but it turned out to be my lucky day! It enabled me to concentrate on Infrared captures. Setting up the camera on the Platypod let me easily get a low angle, which was perfect for reflections of the glowing leaves on the placid water."

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"This is a self portrait taken in early October, during an incredible month-long adventure camping out of my car in the Canadian Rockies. I happened to be stuffing my face with a muffin in a coffee shop in Banff, Alberta, when I looked out the window and saw these dark rain clouds settling in... and immediately I had the idea to race up a nearby mountain to one of my favorite fallen trees and create this darker, emotional image.

I wanted to shoot as low as possible to avoid some distracting objects behind the tree in the background and get an angle that really showed the height of the tree branches against the mountain backdrop. I also love shooting low among ground foliage and grass with a wide open aperture, as I find it gives a soft, dreamy foreground to my images and lets the eye be drawn to me as the main focus of the image. The Platypod was absolutely perfect to get the low angle I wanted."

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We bring you the work of photographer Rick Friedman, who recently ventured out to take amazing captures of a historic church in Boston. He maximized a unique vantage point, his artistic eye, and his Platypod Max to capture an amazing scene! If there's one thing we love about the fall, it's the way nature is transformed into a canvas of breathtaking colors! According to Rick, it was "a perfect autumn afternoon for long exposure photography at the Old Stone Church and Wachusetts Reservoir in West Boston, central Massachusetts. It's such a pretty drive through the state." Learn his specific recipe for creating this amazing image!

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