on the horizon

01 | Infrared Plus Low Angle with Bob Coates and his Platypod Ultra

“While out on a scouting mission for a Milky Way photograph in Sedona, Arizona, I found this little scene. The time of day was difficult for standard color photography. That’s where infrared is a bonus and can excel. The arch called to me for a low angle with a fisheye lens. This is my setup with my Platypod Ultra and closed cell foam for kneeling comfortably, along with my Westcott 20 inch reflector.”

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02 | Embarking on a Monarch Chrysalis Journey

Recently, Skip Cohen demonstrated a great way he used his Platypod to witness the emergence of a beautiful monarch butterfly from its chrysalis. With the additional help of his goosenecks and two Litra Torch 2.0s, he was able to gain access to an angle he otherwise would not have easily had access to! We've always said the Platypod is the master at helping photographers take advantage of unusual angles, and this post is a prime example of that concept.

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03 | An Artistic Touch with Chamira Young

“Going through my archives, I stumbled upon some photos I'd taken a couple autumns back. It was at Goodells County park here in Michigan, one of my favorite places to walk. Using my Platypod Ultra and the Tamron 35-150mm F2.8-4, I was able to capture some lovely images by selecting strategic spots to set my camera down on the ground to take advantage of dramatic low viewpoints. In my life before Platypod, my go-to move was hunker down on the ground in wet leaves, mud, and grass. Needless to say, Platypod has now made my life much easier!”

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