On The Horizon

01 | Ice Cave Adventures with Kris Andres

“I am an adventurist that has traveled around the world and can't spend enough time outside! I really, really love the cold, (said with way too much enthusiasm). As long as I am in my mountains I am happy. My small circle of friends and I will set objectives that will be multi sport days, from pack rafting to biking to summiting multi peaks a day.

As winter is my favorite season, it brings me treats like this cave where we ski or snowshoe or even climb up for the sake of adventure. We never know what we will find, so we bring everything from hockey skates to dresses.”

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02 | Up Close and Personal! Bird Photography with Michael Corrado

We're proud to show off the wildlife photography of Michael Corrado. He's got some serious skill as he uses his Platypod Max and zoom lens to get up close and personal to some feathered friends. Needless to say, he’s making us super jealous of his amazing setup! The magic of Platypod is that it allows you to get down to the ground with your subject, which results in the ability to utilize dynamic angles in your imagery. Check out the details, as well as shots of his setup!

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03 | Grand Views from the Grand Canyon with Bob Coates

We feature the work of photographer Bob Coates. While it may be difficult for some of us to travel given the current restrictions with the pandemic, we can still appreciate the amazing work of other photographers. It's all about staying inspired as we plan for the future! Check out Bob's work as he uses his Platypod to get an amazing shot of the Grand Canyon!

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